Jimmy Fallon Gives Trump a Mock Job Interview

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If America is looking for vanity in their next president, Donald Trump is definitely the man for the job.

Jimmy Fallon gave the GOP frontrunner a mock job interview on "The Tonight Show" on Monday to see if he was ready for "the most important job in the world."

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"Tell me a little about yourself," Fallon asked.

"I'm extraordinarily handsome," Trump responded. "I have a beautiful head of hair."

"I noticed that," Fallon said.

But he came clean about what he believes is his biggest weakness in the workplace.

"I never forget," he said.

"I’m too nice too long and when... somebody takes advantage of a situation I become too bad for too long," he continued. "So I think maybe I have to have a little bit of a shorter memory, wouldn’t be so bad."

Trump added that he was willing to relocate for the job. "I love the White House," he said.

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His appearance on the show also had its serious moments. Fallon quizzed the billionaire about a conspiracy theory that he was hired by the Democratic Party so that Hillary Clinton could win. Trump said he would "set the record straight."

"The newest poll just came out today where I'm beating her easily and substantially," he said. "And I'm winning against Hillary one on one. And I haven't even started on her yet..."

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