Border Collie Hugs Her Brother When Asked 'Who's Your Best Friend?'

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Two dogs with eyes for no one but each other have taken the internet by storm, as a video of the pair hugging has quickly gone viral.

Lottie the two-year-old Border Collie began showing signs of affection toward Grizzly the two-year-old German shepherd all on her own, wrapping her paws around her brother during their mom’s training sessions at their Ontario, Canada home.

“As far as their relationship together, it's something out of a storybook,” their owner Taylor Duguay, 20, told INSIDE EDITION.

The gesture soon turned into an adorable trick.

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When Duguay asks, “Lottie, who’s your best friend?” the Border collie immediately pops up to throw her paws around Grizzly, who sits still the entire time, video shows.  

A clip posted last month of Lottie hugging Grizzly has now been viewed over 23 million times.

“I got Grizzly when Lottie was just turning a year old. Lottie to this day is convinced Grizzly is her own pup. From day one she treated him with love and care,” Duguay said.

The dynamic duo spends every moment together, playing, training and sleeping side by side, Duguay said.

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“Lottie and Grizzly always have more fun doing things together, hiking, traveling or events, they have a much better time when they're doing it together. Even simply while we watch (TV) you can find Grizzly and Lottie grooming each other or cuddling up close for a nap,” she told IE.

She noted that while Lottie is a trained show dog, Grizzly has taken to learning and performing tricks in a quick and impressive way.  

“Grizzly gives Lottie a run for her money, he's just as smart, just as fast and they make an amazing team,” Duguay said.

Above all, though, Duguay said, her two adventurous pooches and her third dog, a nine-year-old Husky-Shepherd-Lab mix named Tino, are the best companions she could ever ask for.

“With proper training, and time spent, any dog is capable of anything,” she said.

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