Elderly Man Gets Ticket For Driving Car That Was Nearly Completely Covered in Snow

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It may just look like a mound of snow, but there's a car under there somewhere.

An Ontario Provincial Police officer was flabbergasted when he spotted the car driving along the road in Brussels, Ontario on Tuesday.

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The 80-year-old driver had only cleared off snow from a small area on the driver's side windshield, police said. The rest of the car was covered with what appears to be a foot of snow.

The unidentified man was given a $110 ticket for having an obstructed view.

"He was going for a short drive in town. I understand his excuse was he was too old, too weak to brush off the snow," police spokesman James Stanley told the Associated Press.

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The officer cleared off the snow and the man continued on his journey.

Police shared an image of the car to Twitter, writing: "Can't make this stuff up."

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