Rescuers Free Distressed Moose Whose Antlers Got Caught In Backyard Swing

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Disturbing video captured a bull moose struggling to free himself after his antlers got caught in a backyard swing.

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According to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife department, the resident of the home admitted to using salt to attract the animal. Officials say the video is an example of the hazards of attracting wildlife into a residential area.

"These homeowners told me that they enjoy watching wildlife so they put the salt lick out to attract moose and other animals," said District Wildlife Manager Tom Davies. "The fact that they caused the moose to suffer like it did and putting the officers in such a dangerous situation is a clear example of how irresponsible attracting wildlife to your home or neighborhood can be."

After several hours of attempting to free the moose, officers were able to subdue the frightened animal and cut the rope that was wrapped around his antlers. 

But in order to control the distressed animal, wildlife officers had to use a taser on him.

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“It was a difficult and dangerous situation but the taser worked exactly as we had hoped," said Davies. "Tranquilization drugs were an option but considering how stressed the moose became during this precarious situation, it would have likely killed the animal. The taser is proving to be very useful for a situation like this."

Officials say that the stressed animal was relatively unharmed by the incident. After he was untangled from the swing, he charged at his rescuers before running off. 

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