Prospective Jurors Surprised to Find Summons Directed Them to Call Sex Hotline

Mississippi citizens thinking they were being called to do their civic duty were surprised to find their jury summons had instructed them to call a sex hotline, according to reports.

At least 350 jury summons included a very incorrect phone number and were sent to potential jurors in Jackson County, the Associated Press reported.

Those who dialed one of the numbers on the summons to learn if they were required to appear at jury duty on February 1 found they had called a sex hotline. 

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People began calling the circuit clerk’s office Monday to report the mix-up, Circuit Clerk Randy Carney told the Sun Herald.

Callers who dialed the wrong number were given the option to select ‘one’ or ‘two’ to specify whether they were a man or a woman, the paper wrote.

Those who proceeded with the call could have been charged, Carney said. 

New notices were sent to prospective jurors with the correct number and apologized “for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

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It was not clear what caused the error.

Carney said he was not sure if his office would be liable for costs associated with any potential jurors billed for using the sex hotline.

He said he will personally review summons that are sent out in the future to avoid any other mix-ups. 

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