Doh! Cars Parked on Frozen Lake Sink Through The Ice

Some attendees who drove to Lake Geneva's Winterfest parked their cars on a frozen lake...but not all of them got to drive home.

Dozens of drivers parked on the frozen surface of Geneva Lake in Wisconsin to attend the festivities Saturday, despite temperatures exceeding 32 degrees.

When the drivers returned, fifteen of the cars had sunk into the ice, reports the Journal-Sentinel.

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The mishap turned what was supposed to be a weekend of fun into a total nightmare for the car owners.

"I think the weight of those vehicles and the sun beating down on them loosened the ice up underneath them and caused them to break apart," said Lake Geneva Police Lieutenant Ed Gritzner told Fox 6 Now.

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Crews worked for hours to remove the cars, some of which were in water as deep as 15 feet.

 Five of the car owners were able to drive away. The rest weren't so lucky.

"Heed the warning, you travel at your own risk, but we don't recommend anybody go on the ice because of this type of situation," said Gritzner.

Luckily, no oone was injured in the incident.

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