Flight Forced to Divert Because of Drunk Passenger Who Shouted: 'We Are All Going to Die!'

An unruly passenger caused a flight bound for San Diego to divert to Denver Tuesday evening, officials say.

The male passenger reportedly "became disruptive" hours into the Alaska Airlines flight from Boston. The situation worsened when the flight crew tried to intervene, according to officials.

"Crew asked him to calm down, but he became agitated and verbally abusive," Alaska Airlines said in a statement. "

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Passenger Claire Conroy said the passenger yelled, "I'm not a terrorist but we're going to die" before he began to threaten passengers.

According to Conroy, the situation all boiled down to drunkenness and the passenger's desire to drink the liquor he brought onto the flight.

She told NBC, he "was upset the flight attendants would not let him drink the nips [small bottles of alcohol] he brought on."

Out of an abundance of caution, the captain decided to land at the nearest airport, which was Denver International Airport, read the release.

Conroy took her frustration out on Twitter

"About to make an emergency landing in Denver," she tweeted.

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In Denver, police boarded the plane and escorted the man off. However, he hadn't finished with his outlandish behavior.

"Touchdown in Denver. God bless him, he thought the cops were his "car service" and asked them to make sure his luggage got to his house," Conroy tweeted.

After a 45-minute delay, the Boeing 737 was hurtling toward San Diego once again.

No arrest was made in connection with the incident.

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