President Obama #1 Target of TV Comics Jokes, Sarah Palin #2

President Obama is number one on the list of most joked about politicians in America today.

The President has become the top target of jokes by the four leading late night comics, according to a new study.

In all, Obama was the butt of 309 jokes over the first eight months of 2010.

"Normally a president is the number one target of comedians because he's the most important politician, everybody knows who he is, and he's always making news," says Dr. Robert Lichter, president of the Center for Media and Public Affairs.

Sarah Palin held second place, the target of 137 jokes.

The survey also shows that some of the late night comics seem to take pleasure in going after the Republicans more than Democrats.

Dr. Lichter tells INSIDE EDITION that David Letterman and Jon Stewart usually target Republicans, with three out of five of their jokes making fun of Conservatives.

But Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon tend to poke fun at Democrats.

Two-thirds of Leno's jokes skewered Democrats, while Fallon took aim at Liberals 78 percent of the time.

The study, titled "Jay Leno is Red, Jon Stewart is Blue," was conducted by the nonpartisan Center for Media and Public Affairs.

"Just as conservatives go to Fox News and liberals to MSNBC, now conservatives go to Jay Leno and liberals go to Jon Stewart to get humor that matches their politics," Lichter tells INSIDE EDITION.