If You're Lonely This Valentine's Day, You Can Have a Virtual Date With Fabio

Playing Single? How to Stream a Virtual Date With Fabio and Kittens This Valentine's Day

Sad that you don't have a Valentine's Day date? Look no further.

Fabio Lanzoni is here for you - and he's bringing kittens and champagne.

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Hallmark's video site, Feeln, is streaming an 18-minute virtual date, in which the Italian model reclines between rose petals and asks you about your day.

"Hello gorgeous," he says. "I'm glad you can make it."

As you enjoy some (virtual) champagne together, Fabio listens intently as two kittens roll around beside him. At one point he looks at his phone.

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"I just went through your Instagram, and I really like your photos," he says.

For "Your Perfect Valentine's Date With Fabio," go to Feeln.com.

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