See Moment Owner Reunites With Therapy Dog That Went Missing For 2 Months

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A man whose therapy dog vanished while he took a trip has finally been reunited with the pup after a tireless search by strangers.

Touching video shows the moment Kramer the goldendoodle bounded towards his owner Nik Glaser, 30, after two months apart.

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Six-year-old Kramer comforts Glaser, who has clinical anxiety, if he recognizes a panic attack coming on. But the best friends were separated in December when Glaser went on a short trip to Seattle, leaving Kramer in the care of an acquaintance near his Los Angeles home, which he rented out on Airbnb.

The following day, Glaser received a text from his boarder saying someone had tried to bring a dog there in the night, but had not left the dog. When Glaser contacted the dogsitter, she told him the dog was at his apartment.

Glaser returned home to find Kramer was missing. He put out numerous fliers and pleas on social media, even setting up a Facebook page to find the dog.

"Please help me find him and bring him home. He's not just a dog, he is family. We have an incredible bond and I miss him terribly," he wrote on Instagram.

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Social media users rallied to help bring the pup home and nearly two months after Kramer vanished, Glaser received a tip about a similar dog at an LA shelter. Kramer, who had just moved to Seattle, jumped on the first plane back to LA while a friend collected Kramer.

"He was definitely happy to see me!" Glaser told "I think he was wondering where I had been this whole time."

He thanked strangers for all their support as the video was posted online.

"Nik, his family & our little team of friends and strangers who banded together as volunteers to help Glaser bring Kramer home are so amazed and grateful for the unbelievable support you have all given so freely and so loyally!" the post read. "This is a community of giant hearts and helpers and you made all of the difference."

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