Cops Surround Home After Reports of Screams About a Gun, Find Family Watching 'The Walking Dead'

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A Montana family who take their television entirely too seriously had the police surround their home after frightened neighbors called 911 to report someone might be in danger.

Seven officers from the Great Falls Police Department responded to a 911 call about 7:30 p.m. Sunday of “screaming from a house about someone having a gun,” WSB-TV reported.

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Police surrounded the home, but instead of finding a crime scene, they reportedly saw “flashing lights” and “loud talking.”

Two adults and several children were reportedly found to be watching “a show about firearms,” which was later determined to be the much-anticipated midseason premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

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Windows positioned near the TV were opened, which may have led to the considerable noise heard coming from the home.

No further action was taken, nor was a report filed on the incident, the television station reported.

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