See What Handsome Korean War Vet Looks Like Now After His 1950 Photo Went Viral

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Sorry ladies and gents, this octogenarian hottie is still taken.

Online admirers are swooning over a photo of a Korean War veteran shared by his grandson on Reddit, where commenters have dubbed the man “hot grandpa.”

The photo, which was taken in 1950 before his deployment to Korea, has been viewed nearly two million times in just three days.

“When I originally posted the photo, I never anticipated how much attention it would garner,” Derek Schwendeman told INSIDE EDITION.

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The grandfather, now 86, is still “happily married to his wife of 65 years,” who he married before he went to war.

(Derek Schwendeman and his grandfather.)


(Derek Schwendeman, his wife, his grandmother and his grandfather and his wedding) 

“They married before his deployment and she waited patiently for him to return from the war. They had three children together, have six grandchildren, and their first great-grandchild, my daughter, is due next month,” Schwendeman said.

The American hero has wished to maintain his privacy, but Redditors can’t get enough of the man’s picture.

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“In 1950, Korea witnessed the most sparkly white teeth to ever be seen by mankind,” one person wrote.

Another person asked: “Did your grandfather serve as a model in the military?” 

To take a gander at the Reddit thread that started it all, click here. 

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