After Trump's Success, 'Daily News' Says It's Time To Start Planning Your Exit From the U.S.

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The New York Daily News is continuing their rage against Donald Trump’s campaign by offering advice on how to flee America should the real estate tycoon become president.

Trump won in seven states during Super Tuesday, pulling in big victories in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Massachusetts and Vermont. In Texas, Oklahoma and Alaska he came in second to Ted Cruz. In Minnesota he came in third, after Marco Rubio won the state, followed by Cruz.

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On Wednesday morning, the Daily News’ war against Trump hit fever pitch with the latest in what has been a long battle between the paper and the GOP frontrunner since he announced his presidency.

Inside the issue, they tell readers to go to Ecuador, Singapore, Austria and even Mexico. 

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They have famously called him a “clown” and the “Lord of the Pigs.”

While the paper continues to battle with Trump, the billionaire will have a rematch with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly after he says he'll take part in Thursday night’s debate in Detroit.

Kelly is set to moderate the debate and Trump confirmed he will be there.

In January, Trump famously boycotted a Fox News debate because it was moderated by Kelly.

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