Lost Wallet is Returned to Woman's Home With Note Criticizing Her Spending Habits

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While most people who lose their wallet are more than grateful when its contents are returned, a California mom was not impressed when her lost goods were sent back to her with a condescending note that shamed her spending habits.

Rachel Maestri had lost her wallet while simultaneously running errands and calming her baby at a grocery store. She checked the bushes to see if a thief had stolen her cash and dumped the wallet, but left when nothing turned up.

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To her surprise, a manila envelope appeared in her home mailbox two days later that contained her credit cards and drivers license. The package, postmarked two hours after she had lost her wallet, also contained a letter, Maestri told InsideEdition.com.

It read: "Shop less, enjoy more, don't keep too much cash in your wallet, keep your wallet safe."

An except of the note that was sent to Rachel Maestri along with some of her belongings. (Courtesy of KCBS)

"I had started reading this letter and thought, 'You have got to be kidding me,'" Maestri said to KCBS.

"It really creeps me out that someone did something so personal and sent [the items] back to me," Maestri told IE.com.

"I don't know if it was a relief, because it really creeps me out that they would go through the trouble to teach me a lesson."

At the end of the bizarre letter was an equally sassy note: "P.S. Do your own nails. Stop splurging your money & SAVE."

Maestri said the note referred to a nail salon punch card she kept in her wallet. 

The package did not include the $350 cash or the Target gift card that had originally been inside the Louis Vuitton wallet.

The unwanted penpal wrote, "They needed the money more than I did so they're keeping that," Maestri said to KCBS as she rolled her eyes.

"I hope they never do this to someone else," Maestri added. "It's not going to be a real loss to me, but maybe for someone else it would have been."

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The Louis Vuitton wallet was not returned. She said that the wallet was a gift from her mother and, because of its sentimental value, was priceless in her eyes. 

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