Teen Model Was Allegedly Stabbed 140 Times By Jealous Older Sister

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A 17-year-old Russian model was allegedly killed and mutilated by her older sister in a fit of jealousy, according to reports.

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Stefania Dubrovina was found with her eyes gouged out and her ears hacked off, allegedly by her older sister Elizaveta, local media said. 

19-year-old Elizaveta had been jealous of her younger sister's modeling career, Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda reported. 

"My blood turns to ice," Ekaterina Dubrovina, an aunt of the sisters, was quoted as saying.

The incident allegedly occurred when the sisters were partying in a 44-year-old photographer's St. Petersburg apartment, and while the owner went out to buy more alcohol.

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Friends of the sisters said Stefania Dubrovina had previously done nude shoots with the photographer.

Elizaveta Dubrovina was arrested on suspicion of murder and mutilation, according to local reports. 

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