SNL's 'Racists for Trump' Spoof Lampoons Candidate's Questionable Supporters

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Saturday Night Live returned last night and took aim at some of Donald Trump's followers with a campaign ad spoof called "Racists for Trump."

Set in a picturesque suburban world, the ad begins like many others: a woman heaps praise on the candidate while she does housework, a housepainter gushes about a candidate who tells it like it is, and a man tending the flames of his fireplace commends the billionaire for his steadfast views.

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Then, one by one, the Trump devotees are exposed: the woman is actually ironing a KKK hood, the painter has scrawled "White Power" on a barn, and the fireplace guy is busy burning books.

All of them have one thing in common: they're racists for Trump.

It's a funny take on what has become a worrying pattern for many Americans who say Donald Trump has amassed a racist following with his hardline stances on the Mexican border and on Muslim immigrants.

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Critics also point to Trump's recent refusal, albeit a temporary one, to denounce white supremacist leader David Duke--who endorsed Trump--and the KKK during a recent interview with CNN.

Trump later blamed a faulty earpiece through which he presumably misheard the question. He later disavowed Duke's endorsement.

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