US Navy Airlifts Supplies to Stranded Carnival Splendor

The world is hearing for the first time from anguished passengers aboard the Carnival Splendor, the crippled luxury liner stranded off the coast of Mexico.

"This is a cruise from hell!" one person told her husband by phone. "The toilet only got restored yesterday and stinks beyond belief [...] People are hoarding food."

Another passenger called in to MSNBC.

"They finally got the toilet facilities working on only a part of the ship, not the full ship. There's still the aft part of the ship where they actually have to climb a number of stairs and levels to get to a place where there's a working toilet," he said. "A lot of people spend time on the decks and sleep there [...] People sleep on the decks because they can't sleep in their rooms because they can't see and they can't breathe."

The United States Navy and Coast Guard have airlifted emergency supplies, including thousands of cans of Spam and Pop Tarts, to the cruise ship, which has been without power for three days after a fire in the engine room.

The ship has 4,500 passengers and crew aboard, twice as many as the Titanic carried.

It's now being towed to San Diego.