Man Finds WWII Trunk While Renovating His House, Unlocks A Family's Love Story Mystery

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A New Jersey man renovating his home discovered a treasure trove of love letters, telegrams and other mementos from World War II.

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Jerry Wilson, who found the items stashed inside a leather trunk tucked away in the attic, told CBS New York: “It was like in this incredible little time capsule of stuff that we discovered.”

Among the items, there was a photo dated 1945. Everything appeared to belong to a woman named Anna Tessar, who served as a nurse during the war.

After searching online, Wilson discovered that Tessar married a man named Walter McGarry. Both were deceased but they had four children – three daughters and a son.

Wilson tracked down a number for their son, Eugene, and left a voicemail. Intrigued, Eugene called them back, revealing that he had no idea the items even existed.

"I knew she had served. She was a nurse during World War II," he told CBS. "I knew my father of course was in the war. He was wounded in action in the Battle of Leyte. What I didn’t know was how they ever got together.”

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Walter built the home that Wilson currently resides in 1951. 

The couple met when she was stationed in Georgia, he discovered.

“It was just kind of looking at them from a different point of view as being young and falling in love during these tumultuous times,” Eugene said.

Anna died in 1989 at age 68, Walter passed in 1995 at age 78.

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