Footage Shared Online Of Brussels Airport Bomb Was Actually From 2011 Attack

Footage circulating online on Tuesday appeared to show the moment a deadly bomb exploded at Brussels Airport on Tuesday morning.

But it has since emerged that the video actually depicts a bomb attack at Domodedovo Airport in Russia in 2011.

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The grainy surveillance footage was shared online within hours of the attacks on Tuesday and was featured by multiple media outlets, including INSIDE EDITION. But some readers questioned its veracity and the BBC confirmed that it was indeed from 2011.

Other outlets also shared different black-and-white footage which has since emerged to be from an attack in Belarus in 2011. Fifteen people lost their lives on the Minsk Metro in the incident. 

At least 31 people were killed and more than 200 injured in explosions at the airport and in a metro station during the morning rush on Tuesday.

After the explosion near an American Airlines counter, another bomb exploded on a subway train near the European Union offices in downtown Brussels -- leading to a nightmarish scene as passengers evacuated then stumbled through the dark tunnel to safety.

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The latest terror attacks follow the arrest in Brussels on Friday of Paris attack suspect Salah Abdeslam.

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