Hulk Hogan Juror Speaks Out: 'Viewing the Video Changed the Game'

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One of the jurors in the Hulk Hogan sex-tape trial is revealing the turning point that led the panel to award the wrestler megabucks.

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Juror Salina Stevens spoke outside court on Monday, telling reporters: “When we actually viewed the video, that changed the game. I believe his privacy was violated and that's not OK.”

She spoke shortly after she and the other jurors added another $25 million in punitive damages to the $115 million they awarded Hogan last week after he sued the website Gawker for leaking the tape. 

“I just feel like, if he knew he was being videotaped he would not have spoken about the things he spoke about. The conversation that was going on between him and the woman in the video, it was very human. And if you are going to be videoed, you would not be talking like that if you know,” she added.

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Hogan, who has stayed silent during the trial, finally spoke Monday.

He told reporters outside court: “I feel great. I am really happy about everything that's happened. And, I think we made history today. We protected a lot of people from, maybe, going through what I went through. So, we are very excited, very happy.”

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