Man Who Refused to Leave Tree Now Allegedly Refuses to Leave Jail Cell

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After trapping himself in a tree for 25 hours earlier this week, the #ManInTree was scheduled to appear on court on Thursday. This time, authorities say he refused to leave his jail cell, and never showed up at his court appearance.

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Cody Lee Miller, 28, was arrested earlier this week on suspicion of malicious mischief, after bringing downtown Seattle to a standstill. Roads were blocked and traffic was disrupted when he climbed up an 80-foot-tree, and refused to get down.

The judge said Miller refused to attend his preliminary appearance. The judge then decided there's probable cause to hold Miller until charges are determined.

Miller will be given another chance to attend a hearing later today in a special courtroom, just one floor below where he is currently being held, KOMO News reported.

An arborist with Seattle's Transportation Department determined that Miller caused approximately $7,800 damage to the landmark sequoia tree, according to a police statement. However, after its inspection yesterday, specialists determined the tree will be fine.

Earlier this week, a police report said Miller was approached by an officer as he was sitting on the sidewalk in front of a Starbucks, KOMO News reported. Published reports say he also has a history of threatening officers with violence.

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In an interview, a man who allegedly knows Miller said he does not think he is violent, but that he could be "a danger to himself, maybe."

Miller was taken to the hospital for a mental and physical evaluation after he climbed down from the tree.

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