Trump Told Oprah in 1988 Interview: Ivana Does Exactly As I Tell Her


Donald Trump's controversial comments towards women go back decades. In an interview with first wife, Ivana, they sat down with Oprah in 1988.

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“We get along very well and there's not a lot of disagreement because ultimately Ivana does exactly as I tell her to do,” he said. 

As the audience laughed, Ivana then called him a “male chauvinist.”

Oprah then asked her: “He's not a chauvinist, is he?”

“Oh, he's the worst,” she replied.

Ivana Trump now says she supports her ex's run for the White House and current wife, Melania, says Donald is not a chauvinist.

Melania told MSNBC earlier this year: "He treats women the same as men."

An NBC / Wall Street Journal poll reveals that 47 percent of Republican women “could not imagine themselves voting for Trump.

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An estimated 75 percent of women have an unfavorable opinion of him, according to a Washington Post poll.

Trump says he's misunderstood.

During a rally in October, he said: "I respect women incredibly. I had a woman in charge of building Trump Towers and she did a fantastic job."

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