Police: Enraged Driver Crashes Into A Store At Top Speed

A terrifying moment as an SUV smashes into a convenience store at top speed.


The Ford Explorer nearly runs over the clerk, who then flees for her life. Police in Alabama say the enraged driver was actually aiming for her.

Moments earlier, this driver argued with the clerk because she wouldn't turn on the gas pump until he paid in advance.

"I ain't gotta suffer all the way to eternity, like you do. See. Ok, you'll see,” said the driver.

He stormed out of the store, and then came plowing through the window. Then he sat in the vehicle and cops say he refused to get out.

"Hey, step out of the car!" said the police officers.

Next thing they knew, he tried to run away and they used a stun gun to subdue him.


Now 49-year-old Roger Mayes has been charged with attempted murder. Police say the store clerk is lucky to be in one piece.