78-Year-Old Granny Who Can Lift 228 Pounds Reveals How She Discovered Her Hidden Talent

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A 78-year-old grandmother who was filmed pumping iron is inspiring viewers across the globe.

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Footage of Shirley Webb of East Alton, Illinois, deadlifting 228 pounds has taken the Internet by storm.

She has traveled the country as a competitive weightlifter and she’s a crowd favorite. She's won in her category, although sometimes she's the only one competing.

Shirley joined a gym just a couple years ago with her granddaughter.

"My trainer told me to get on the floor and I said: ‘I can't because if I get down there I can't get up,’” she told IE.

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But over time she got stronger.

“We start out at low weights and by the end I don't know how much I lifted," she said.

Her husband, Richard, says she went from doing much of nothing to lifting hundreds of pounds.

He said: "One lady was 70 and she came in the gym and said ‘You can do it.’ So, out of the blue, it’s all of this."

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