Dog At Center of Amazing Maternity Photo Shoot Poses With Her Pups in New Pictures

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The pregnant pooch who executed a flawless maternity photo shoot has given birth to a litter of puppies just as cute as their mama, photos of the precious brood show.

Lilica captured the heart of the Internet when she posed pregnant for Brazilian photographer Ana Paula Grillo, who snapped shots of the canine mom-to-be before she gave birth to five puppies.

“She was amazing,” Grillo told The Dodo. “She smiled in a way that was just so nice.”

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Standing on a tiny chair, showing off her belly and reveling in being petted were just some of the shots that left viewers in awe of the dog dubbed “fabulous.”

“I’m not half as photogenic as this random fat pregnant dog,” one admirer wrote on Lilica’s image that was posted to Imgur.

“I used to think maternity photos were stupid… Now I realize they aren’t stupid… They were just meant for dogs,” wrote another fan. 

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Lilica gave birth one day later and Grillo captured images of her equally adorable pups.

“I’m in love,” one person commented on a photo of the puppies posted to Grillo’s Facebook page.

“Most beautiful thing in this world,” wrote another. 

All of the pups have been adopted by relatives of  Lilica’s owner, Grillo said. 

To see more of Grillo's work, click here to visit her Facebook page. 

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