Teacher Has a Special, Secret Handshake For Each of His 26 Students

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Each student is special, which is why this teacher has a different greeting for each one.

Thomas Bussey, a teacher at the Centennial Academy in Atlanta, Georgia, began the year by teaching his students how to perform a formal handshake.

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"I greet them as they enter the classroom and spark a little conversation," Bussey told InsideEdition.com. "I want them to know that I care about their weekend and who they are outside of school."

The formal handshake quickly took hold, and the third grade teacher invited each of his 26 students to add a personal twist to the greeting.

"I've been learning them as they create them," he said.

Some of the secret handshakes end with a hug, and some end in a game of rock-paper-scissors, but what makes them special is that no two are the same.

The entire class takes a few minutes before school starts and after school ends to practice their handshake with Bussey.

"Now many of them have started their own challenge to create secret handshakes with every peer in the class," Bussey told IE.com. "It definitely makes our classroom feel more family oriented."

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One parent even wrote on Facebook, "My child has high functioning autism and connects with Mr. Bussey like no teacher I have ever seen. The effort that he puts into treating them all equally has brought my son to a level in the classroom that I had only hoped for. This man is a miracle worker."

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