Bear Cub, Nicknamed Smokey Jr., Rescued From Brush Fire Right in the Nick of Time

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A bear cub was pulled out of a 'grizzly' fire, right in the nick of time.

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According to officials, the brush fire in Lake County, Florida earlier this week started at 25 acres but spread rapidly from the wind, WKMG reported. Some officials estimated that the fire had spread over 200 acres by the time it was put out.

Footage showed that the fire was burning near residential homes. WKMG even reported that one home's gazebo burnt down as a result of the fire.

While no one was hurt, a black bear cub was dangerously close to falling in harm's way.

Natorie Borst, 17, said to WKMG, "he was just running toward us like he was so just so happy to get out of there. We picked him up, took him out and put him on the road, and that's when the forestry people came up and took him."

Forest Area Supervisor Ray Lovett said they found this little guy "walking out of the woods, whining," with mother bear nowhere in sight.

The cub's hair was singed, and he suffered minor burns on the bottoms of his paws and his lips, but officials expect him to make a full recovery under the care of wild life officials.

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While usually bears are able to outrun a fire, officials said this cub was only a few months old.

Fittingly, fire officials named the cub Smokey Junior, or SJ for short, WKMG reported.

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