Saturday Night Live Mocks Hillary Clinton Subway Snafu

Bernie Sanders may think New Yorkers still use subway tokens, but Hillary proved this week she also has a few lessons to learn about getting through a turnstyle.

While being filmed en route to a train, Clinton repeatedly tried and failed to successfully slide her subway card through the turnstyle to make it to the platform.

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In SNL's version of things, the Democratic presidential hopeful played by Kate McKinnon never makes it through the turnstyle at all.

"I'll take a cab," she says after failing to get through. "Cab is the best way to get around."

The sketch also addressed a few other developments primary election developments from the past week, such as Clinton's string of primary losses to rival Bernie Sanders and her alleged pandering to New York voters.

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"It's true, I have not been winning as of late," she says. "That was the plan. I didn't want to win those and so I didn't."

McKinnon then hilariously does an impression of Clinton trying and failiing to say the word "lose."

"As the old adage says, you win some, you l... you l... you win some you llllll... some."

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