Cat Stuck in Chimney is 'Feline' Good After A 'Purr-fect' Rescue By the Fire Department

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What a cat-astrophe!

Days after Snitch the cat vanished, she was found stuck in a chimney so a fire rescue team was called in to get her out.

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Jessica Chadwick, head of communications at the Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service in England, told that Snitch's owners noticed she had gone missing last week.

Roger Gardner, 68, told The Sun that their cat goes out every evening, but always returns by 10:30 p.m.

When Snitch left to roam the Worcester streets on Thursday night and didn't return, Gardner said he and his wife Susan started to worry.

"We often see a fox in our garden, so we thought that might have attacked Snitch," Gardner said, "but we had to try to put it out of our minds."

Gardner told The Sun that, the following Monday, his wife heard a cat meowing.

The couple contacted the fire department, speculating that "she climbed on the roof and fell down the chimney," Chadwick told

To check, Chadwick said the rescue team brought in an aerial platform ladder to look down the chimney.

In a video of the rescue, firefighters can be seen removing a brick from where the cat was located in the chimney.

Then, Snitch's little grey face pokes out, and she meows at the firefighters.

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"Luckily, our firefighters were able to free the cat who was shortly reunited with its owner," they wrote in a Facebook post.

While the video does not capture the full rescue, Chadwick told that after the hour-and-half rescue, "[the cat] was safe and well, and returned to her owners."

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