Burglars Run Out of House After Homeowner Scares Them Using Security Cam

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A pair of cowardly crooks was thwarted from burglarizing a New Jersey house after the homeowner scared them off using her high-tech security system, police said.

Two men broke into an Upper Pittsgrove home about 9:30 a.m. Tuesday by kicking in the side door and began ransacking the house, not fazed by the two loud but apparently harmless pooches inside at the time, New Jersey State Police said.

“God love those lovely puppies. They appeared to bark and sniff the perps, but otherwise left them alone and unharmed,” police wrote in a statement.

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As the suspects begin to collect their treasures, they were startled to hear a voice telling them to get out, surveillance footage showed.

The homeowner utilized her security system’s two-way drop camera to tell the pair to leave her house, which they did immediately, authorities said.

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“We shall not repeat what was said, but needless to say the burglars read the message loud and clear,” police said.

The suspects were able to steal a lockbox with jewelry and personal documents inside before they were scared away, officials said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the New Jersey State Police at 856-769-0775 or Woodstown Criminal Investigations Office at 856-769-0779. 

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