Woman Jumps Fence Into Tiger Pen to Retrieve Fallen Hat

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Apparently, some people will do anything for fashion. 

The Toronto Zoo is investigating after video surfaced online that appeared to show a woman jump over a protective fence and into a tiger’s pen to recover a fallen hat.

The woman quickly climbed down the fence and grabbed the hat, scrambling back up to safety as a tiger, separated by a second fence, pounced and lunged toward her, video posted to YouTube on Saturday shows.

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The tiger continued to pace nearby as the woman, hat back on her head, began arguing with a man who witnessed the stunt.

“You’re a moron, you’re a moron,” the man can be heard repeatedly yelling. “You’re a bad example to everyone else’s kids.

“She jumped into a tiger cage. Are you kidding me?” he shouted when another woman tried breaking up the group.

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Calling the woman’s actions “very irresponsible, especially on a busy day,” Toronto Zoo spokesperson Jennifer Tracey told InsideEdition.com that zoo staff could have safely retrieved the hat.

In jumping down to the enclosed area, the woman disregarded signs that warn of danger and say to not cross the barrier, Tracey said.

Though she did not come into direct contact with the tiger because of the double barrier in place to protect visitors, the woman could have injured herself by jumping, the spokesperson said.

Zoo officials learned of the incident when the video was posted to YouTube, Tracey said.

Authorities are investigating and asked for any witnesses to come forward, she continued.

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