Bears Walk on Hind Legs, Wave to Passing Tourists During Ride Through Park

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Tourists visiting the Everland theme park in South Korea were pleasantly surprised to be welcomed by two of the park’s friendliest greeters—a pair of bears.

The trained animals impressed visitors by standing and walking upright on their hind legs in exchange for snacks, video from ViralHog showed.

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As the group of tourists drove past in a bus, one of the bears stood up to wave.

A second came along and leaned on his buddy’s shoulder, joining in on the fun.

While their audience watched in awe, the bears caught treats in their mouths while waving at the group.

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Determined to continue to get treats, one of the animals even ran alongside the bus as it moved on in its tour.

Officials said that the bears know to ask for food every time an excursion group passes. 

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