Gay Vulture Couple Attempts to Start A Family by Adopting and Incubating An Abandoned Egg

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The only lady this gay vulture couple needed was lady luck, who just so happened to fall out of the sky in the form of an abandoned egg.

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Zoo officials at the Tierpark Nordhorn observed a female vulture "sitting in a strange position" when suddenly, she dropped her egg in mud under a tree. They believed she had no intention of building a nest for it.

The egg was then placed in temporary incubation before it was given to a pair of male vultures, Isis and Nordhorn. The couple promptly sat atop the egg, in an attempt to incubate it to hatch.

According to ENEX, the gay vultures have already built a nest in preparation of raising a family before even adopting the abandoned egg.

However, zoo officials said they were not sure which male vulture at their zoo is the biological father, or if the egg was even fertilized.

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The German zoo's spokesperson Ina Deiting said the Tierpark Nordhorn is home to many other same-sex animal couples, including storks: "We already had a gay Marabou couple and a lesbian Marabou couple as well. It happens from time to time that homosexual couples find each other."

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