Cops Find Fetus in Woman's Bag During Arrest: Report

Police made a grisly discovery when they say they arrested a Texas woman for breaking curfew and found a fetus’ remains in her purse.

Bernadette Rivera, 32, was allegedly found to have heroin and meth on her when she was found at Cassiano Park in San Antonio Friday, authorities said.

She reportedly told police that she also had her fetus in her bag, NEWS4SA reported.

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Rivera had suffered a miscarriage and went to a local hospital but ultimately decided she wanted to dispose of the remains herself, police told the television station.

The fetus, which was approximately eight weeks old, was wrapped in tissue and was left inside a Q-tip box, officials said.

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Parents have the right in Texas to a fetus’ remains if it is less than 20 weeks old.

Rivera was said to have multiple drugs on her, but it was not clear if she was using while pregnant.

Her fetus is currently at a local funeral home.

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