Justin Timberlake Ahead of the Pack in Posting 'It's Gonna Be May' Meme

No one could ever accuse Justin Timberlake of not appreciating a good meme, even if it’s at his own expense.

Like clockwork, the end of April means the Internet is plastered with a photo of Timberlake during his boyband days smiling and sporting his infamous  bleach blond curly hair with the caption “It’s gonna be May.”

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The meme pokes fun at *NSYNC’s front man’s pronunciation of “me” in their hit “It’s Gonna Be Me.”

While it first became popular 2012, the photo always manages to pop back up on social media pages as soon as April comes to an end.

This year, even J.T. himself has got in on the fun, taking to Facebook and Twitter to reference the now-iconic picture.

“Everybody … It is ACTUALLY GONNA BE MAY!” he wrote, adding a hashtag asking if you can meme yourself.

“Probably not, right?”

His post blew up immediately, garnering more than 130,000 likes on Facebook in less than 24 hours and thousands more shares. 

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"Not gonna lie, I've been making that meme my status on the last day of April since 2012, haha," one person commented. 

Another person wrote: "Thank you thank you cuz every year I get about a million texts with that meme....you beat em too it. #finally"

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