TV Host Interrupts Live Interview To Take 6-Year-Old Boy To Restroom

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A TV host's quick thinking avoided an on-air disaster.

Victoria Derbyshire, host of The Victoria Derbyshire Show on BBC News, was interviewing little Kai and his mom about school tests on Tuesday when the boy suddenly began to squirm.

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"You alright, Kai?" Derbyshire asked the boy. "What’s the matter, darling? Do you need the loo?"

After he told her he felt warm, she helped him to his feet and whisked him away to the restroom. "Yes, it's boiling in here. Right, let's go to the loo, come on," she told him.

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Before she disappeared, she told her other guests: "Can you just carry on talking among yourselves?"

Twitter commended Derbyshire for helping Kai.

"Loved your response to the little boy feeling too warm on your show this morning. So kind to put him first!" one viewer wrote.

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