Super Students Dress As Batman, Captain America and Other Heroes For Prom

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The first tip for having a super time at prom: bring a superhero date.

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When Subiaco Academy in Arkansas announced "A Night of Heroes" theme for their prom this year, these 10 teens knew exactly how they would honor the occasion.

The girls wore colorful dresses, and when the photographer prepared to snap a photo, the boys unbuttoned their shirts, each revealing a superhero t-shirt underneath.

Little did the group know that their identities would not remain secret for long. When BN Focus Photography posted the picture on Facebook, it became an instant hit.

Ryan King, who dressed as Batman, told that they took an interest in superheroes when several new superhero movies were announced for release this year.

The students began adding superhero insignias to their football uniforms, making sure everything from their gloves to cleats had some indication of their superhero status.

When the school announced their prom theme this January, the teens knew that Batman, Iron Man, Superman, Green Lantern and Captain America would be making guest appearances.

Ryleigh Hardwicke, 14, told that the girls let their dates pick their superhero personas. Each of the girls then color coordinated their dress to their superhero's color scheme.

Hardwicke, who went to the prom as Superman's date, donned a bright blue dress for the big day.

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But even though their prom was last week, it seems these teens aren't quite ready to let go of their superhero personas.

Aaron Brooks, who went to prom as Iron Man, announced that he had one last surprise for

"Go superheroes!" they yelled all together as the boys ripped open their shirts and revealed their superhero signs.

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