Man Proposes To Girlfriend In The Middle of a 'Live Street Art' Photo Shoot

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When a man knelt down in the middle of a photo shoot, his now-fiance, who was also a model in the shoot, had no idea that his gesture was no pose.

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Alexa Meade, a 29-year-old artist living in Los Angeles, is known for her unique style of painting.

Meade told that after college, where she studied politcal sciences, she decided, "I'm just going to make it my full time job being an artist, and see what (will) happen."

She crafted a technique that allowed her to make a three dimensional person look like a two dimensional object.

Since then, she has been featured in magazines, and even gave a TED Talk.

Her good friend, Daniel Levine, who had been a fan of her art since she began creating, asked her to accompany him and his girlfriend of nearly seven years to a photo shoot in San Francisco.

Then, he asked for her help in turning the event into a surprise marriage proposal to his girlfriend. 

She replied, "That's the greatest idea -- bringing art to life, and love to fruition."

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The artists then spent an afternoon painting the models' clothes, and three hours the next morning painting their faces and bodies.

"It was really hard to keep the secret. I would all of a sudden break down and say 'I'm so excited for you!"," Meade said, to which Cordova would respond, "Thanks, I'm excited to do the shoot , too."

Meade even painted the ring box and helped Levine hide it.

Then, they took to the streets.

"I was really lucky they were so comfortable with me, the process, and having their whole moment of magic," Meade told "They're beautiful people, and love makes everyone a million times more beautiful too."

As they made their way the Mission District, the painted models started drawing a large crowd of "random people from the street."

They approached the fateful "NEW MURAL SOON" wall, where Meade said, "I had to make sure everything was perfect. I fixed her hair, then I set up the camera, I was like 'Let me double check the focus.'"

Everything went according to plan. Levine can be seen in the video, shot by Pearly Pearl, getting on one knee, as if he was posing for the camera.

Then, he pulls out a ring.

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"She says she did (expect it coming)," Meade later told, laughing. 

Either way, Meade said she was excited to be a part of "a genuine way to show (Levine's) girlfriend that she was special to him."

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