Watch Chilean Navy Dive Into Ocean To Free Humpback Whale Tangled in Fishing Ropes

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No problem is too big for the Navy, not even a 40-ton humpback whale trapped in fishing gear off the coast of Chile.

Passengers on a motorboat noticed a humpback whale tangled in fishing gear near the islands of the Magallanes region, according to the mayor of Lennox Island. A press release, translated from Spanish, said the whale appeared to be in “bad condition” and desperately trying to escape.

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A nearby Navy ship then appeared on the scene and determined the whale was hardly breathing, and “practically immobilized.”

In a daring rescue attempt, all caught on camera by the Armada de Chile, two divers can be seen swimming toward the animal, which can weigh up to 40 tons on average, as it sprays water from its blowhole.

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According to the press release, the sailors were able to break the ropes, and helped the humpback whale escape.

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