Injured Puppy's Prayers Answered After Rescuers Found Him Bloody in a Temple

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It appeared all of this injured puppy's prayers were answered when rescuers found him hiding in a temple, bloodied and wounded.

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Visitors to the temple, located in India, notified rescuers when they noticed a dog  that appeared to be severely injured — hiding in a corner behind one of the shrines, Animal Aid wrote in a press release.

When rescuers found the dog they later named Punkin, they discovered he was "severely dehydrated from blood loss and was in critical condition."

According to Animal Aid, the dog was "sitting, but otherwise in a state of shock, almost motionless and unresponsive." 

Punkin appeared to have deep wounds on his neck, according to the video, and rescuers can be seen picking him up, taking him out of the temple, and bringing him into an ambulance.

When they arrived at the hospital, they can be seen cleaning around the wound, but it would take several more days of IV fluids and medication before Punkin would be in stable condition.

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For four weeks, they changed his dressings daily until finally, Punkin can be seen in tip top shape and even playing with the other dogs, in a miraculous transformation from his condition when he was discovered. 

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