Sarah Palin Writes Talking Points On Her Palm

The controversy continues over Sarah Palin's palm prompter. 

Palin has been under fire since cameras caught crib notes scribbled on her hand at the Tea Party Convention in Nashville.


MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell poked fun at Palin's handy notes and showed off a cheat sheet of her own.

And Palin's palm was all the talk on The View. Guest co-host Meghan McCain, whose dad picked Palin to be his VP candidate last year, wouldn't weigh in on the discussion.

Palin was seen taking a quick glance at her palm during a Q & A session at the Tea Party Convention. The words scrawled on her hand were: "energy," "budget tax cuts" with "budget" crossed out, and "lift American spirits." 

Bloggers immediately started sounding off about the incident.

"Sarah Palin was back in 10th grade biology class yesterday using cheat notes on her hand," one wrote.

But Palin's supporters call the controversy "ridiculous.”

A feisty Palin got the last laugh with a new hand written message at a rally for Texas Governor Rick Perry. There were no talking points this time, just a simple “Hi Mom.”