Caretaker Serenades Elephant to Sleep With Traditional Lullaby

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According to this elephant caretaker, all it takes is a little love to be able to communicate with the peaceful giants.

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Sangduen "Lek" Chailert, founder of the Save Elephant Foundation in Thailand, said her love for elephants first began when her father was given a baby elephant as payment for saving a man's life.

"We communicate," Lek said in an interview with Save Elephant Foundation of her bond with elephants. "They feel that I am the one that loves them, and trusts them."

Her bond with one particular elephant, Faa Mai, is so strong that the elephant knows it is time to take a nap whenever Lek begins singing a traditional Thai lullaby.

Faa Mai can be seen in the video by Elephant Nature Park using her trunk to wrap Lek into an elephant-sized hug before lying down, and getting ready for her nap. Lek even presses their foreheads together to help Faa Mai fall asleep.

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"I feel very peaceful," she said about being with the elephants, "it's the best medication."

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