Brad Pitt Springs Into Action to Rescue Young Girl Nearly Crushed to Death by Crowd

Playing Watch Brad Pitt Rescue Little Girl Being Trampled By Massive Crowd

Brad Pitt came to the rescue of a young girl who was nearly crushed to death by a mob of rowdy fans in Spain.

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Pitt, who was taking a break from filming the World War II drama Allied in the city of Gran Canaria, met the crowd of fans waiting to catch a glimpse of the star.

One face in the crowd caught the 52-year-old’s attention – a little girl pressed against a security fence.

Pitt pointed at the girl and rushed to her rescue. He also did his best to calm the unruly crowd.

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He told 11-year-old Claudia, “it’s okay,” as he and security helped her over the fence. He comforted the girl until a medical team arrived to make sure she was all right.

Allied will arrive in theaters in November.

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