The Sweet Moment Baby Gorilla and 2-Year-Old Girl Press Palms Together on Glass Wall

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This toddler shared a touching moment with a baby gorilla as the new friends reached out to each other, despite glass separating them.

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Augustus, better known as Gus, is a 5-month-old gorilla of an endangered breed. The baby Western lowland gorilla made history at the Fort Worth Zoo as the first gorilla born in captivity in the zoo's 107-year history.

According to the Fort Worth Zoo, his mother Gracie keeps him nearby, often just within arms reach.

But now that the new addition to the gorilla sanctuary has gotten a little older, he is often seen exploring the habitat, including peering outside the glass where Braylee, a human toddler, seems to be exploring, too.

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The 2-year-old girl and 5-month old gorilla can be seen pressing their palms against each other through the glass in a picture, posted on Facebook by the Fort Worth Zoo.

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