Melancholy Rescue Dog Learns to Trust After Spending Weeks Staring at Wall, Unresponsive

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Even after this neglected and sick dog was rescued off the streets of Kentucky, it would take weeks before he would learn to trust again. 

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Barkley, a Shetland Shepard and Dauchshund mix,  was spotted wandering in a trailer park more than a month ago, Daviess County Animal Shelter director Ashley Clark told

"We had calls on him, but he was running loose in the neighborhood," Clark said.

Finally, a couple had lured him into their home, and brought him into the shelter.

They determined that the pads of his feet were infected and raw, and his nails were extremely long. He also needed emergency dental work, since his teeth and gums were rotten, Clark said.

But, Clark said the senior dog was neutered, well fed and otherwise healthy, which was indication that Barkley had a previous owner.

Even though Barkley was finally safe and receiving medical attention, he was still terrified of his environment.

In a video of Barkley posted to Facebook by the Daviess County Animal Shelter, he can be seen at the back corner of his enclosement, facing the wall. He is near motionless, and is unresponsive even when offered food.

According to the shelter, he couldn't even be put on a leash and will "belly-roll" to the pressure.

Now, two weeks later, Clark said Barkley has begun coming out of his shell, but still has a long way to go.

"He's relaxed a bit more," she said. "He doesn't come to us wanting attention, but he doens't run from us either."

He's also stopped biting people at the shelter, which Clark also acknowledges as an improvement.

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After putting out a desperate plea for donations toward Barkley's dental procedure, Clark told that Barkley was sent to the dentist early Friday after they met their goal.

Now, the shelter is looking for a quiet and patient family to adopt the once-neglected dog.

"He's going to have to be somewhere where he can learn to trust," she said, adding, "that's going to take a while."

For more information about providing Barkley a forever home, please contact Daviess County Animal Control in Owensboro, Kentucky, at (270) 685 8275 or email

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