Man Scales Building to Return Fallen Baby Chipmunk to Nest, 20 Feet High

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Talk about a nutty reunion!

A man who knows no limits when it comes to bringing a fallen baby chipmunk to its mom had no qualms about scaling a building to do so.

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A family in India called local rescuers when they noticed a baby chipmunk fall from his nest that was perched upon a ledge 20 feet about the ground.

"He didn't seem to be injured," Animal Aid Unimlited wrote, "but the nest was perched on an air conditioner attached to a virtually flat wall, with no way to climb up."

The chipmunk's eyes had not yet even opened, as seen in the video by Animal Aid Unlimited. 

"We could hear his mother's anguished cries non stop in the background," the rescue wrote.

So, the rescue team intervened to reunite the baby  which was only the size of a thumb  with its mother.

A brave volunteer can be seen in the video shimmying up the building with the baby chipmunk in hand.

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He can be seen dangling, as he was lifted by another team member on a higher floor by rope.

Though the reunion may be minor in size, Animal Aid Unlimited wrote, "All life is precious, no matter how small."

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