Four Adorable Baby Raccoons Found in Car's Engine by Shocked Mechanics

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Technicians were given quite a surprise when they discovered four adorable baby raccoons huddled under the hood of a car at a Texas auto repair shop.

Mercedes, Benz, Rolls Royce, and Bentley, as they have been affectionately dubbed, were spotted by Monty Butcher just before he began repairs on the vehicle at Park Place Motorcars in Grapevine.

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Their mother was nowhere to be found.

The cubs had allegedly found shelter under the hood after heavy rains forced them from their habitat at a nearby lake.

After noticing damage to the underside of the car's hood, he began to wonder what could have caused it.

That’s when, Joseph Gonzales, a technician assisting Butcher, saw a little head pop out from within the engine.

Staff at the shop immediately jumped into action and started removing the bumper and parts of the engine to get access to the cubs.

It didn’t take long for the repairmen to notice that there were in fact four babies burrowed in the engine.

Body shop manager Mark Waugh, service drive supervisor Andrew Zendejas and employee Doug Prince, all helped remove the animals and place them in a box.

Visitors came throughout the day to pay a visit to the cute little cubs, which were prepared a makeshift bed of pillows in a dog cage and given warm milk to sip on.

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A wildlife rescue organization has since picked up the babies, and is nursing them back to health before they eventually release them back into the wild.

Park Place Motorcars has a reputation for rescuing animals, after saving a red-tailed hawk from the hood of a Lexus in 2011 and a kitten that had been trapped in the front grill of another vehicle last year.

Thanks to the gracious staff at the repair shop, the babies are safe and will soon be able to return home  to the woods this time.

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