Police Say Unsupervised Toddler Saved From Drowning by Her 9-Year-Old Cousin, and 18-Year-Old Passerby

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A teenager is being hailed a hero for saving a drowning 3-year-old girl at a community pool right in the nick of time.

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The pool's surveillance footage showed the Florida toddler walking into the pool, and attempting to swim. But, after flailing her arms, the girl sinks under the water and does not resurface. 

According to Titusville Police Department, the 3-year-old spent 2 minutes and 9 seconds underwater, WKMG reported.

"You can see in the pool people are around this young girl and she goes under and they don't even notice," said Amy Matthews from the Titusville Police department, WKMG reported.

That's when the toddler's 9-year-old cousin noticed her limp body floating in the water. The cousin pulled her up, as 18-year-old Breanna Moseley noticed the ordeal. Even though she didn't know either of the children, she quickly swam over.

"I turned around and they're holding a little child," Moseley told WKMG. "She was just limp and not moving."

She then started performing CPR, which she said she learned in school.

"Then I sat her up and held her and kept her warm. I just comforted her until the ambulance and her parents got there," Moseley said.

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The toddler was then airlifted to the hospital, and has since been released.

Local police reported the child was swimming without adult supervision and child services was contacted to investigate. 

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