Grandmother Escapes Abduction Attempt by Spraying Would-Be Kidnapper With Perfume

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An Ohio grandmother cleverly escaped what she believed to be an attempted kidnapping by spraying a man in the eyes with perfume before kicking him out of her car.

It all started as Joyce Kenney, 61, was leaving her home in Middletown, Ohio.

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A man came up to her and reportedly seized her before forcing her into her car and ordering her to drive.

Shocked and scared for her life, Kenney began driving, asking the man not to hurt her.

Then, as she approached a turning lane, she noticed a bottle of perfume on the side of her door.

“I picked this cologne up and I sprayed him in the eyes, and of course he grabbed his eyes cause it burned,” Kenney told WKRC

She then bravely proceeded to kick the man out of the car door that he was holding partially open.

After falling out, the man began running the opposite way down the road, and Kenney drove to a nearby Marathon gas station to call 911.

“Don’t think you can’t do something cause you’re scared, I found that out, and I saw his body hit the ground,” Kenney said.

Even though Kenney said the man didn’t have a weapon, the way he handled her was enough for her to fear for her life. 

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But, Kenney was luckily able to leave unharmed, thanks to her quick-thinking and courageous actions.

The suspect was able to elude authorities, and has not yet been caught.

Kenney described him to police as about 5’8’’ with a skinny build, wearing some kind of ski mask, gardening gloves and jeans.

As for the perfume, Kenney says she intends to keep her new “weapon” right where she found it in her car in case she needs to spray her way out of trouble again. 

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