Man With No Legs and One Arm Dresses as Statue To Scare Park Patrons

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This 19-year-old man has no legs and only one arm, but he's not one to shy away from a good prank to terrify complete strangers.

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Nick Santonastasso, known on the internet for his motivational speeches and hilarious pranks, pulled off a doozy during a recent trip to Union Square Park in New York City.

Santonastasso decided to really blend in for his latest rocking joke, scaring passersby while disquised as a statue.

Santonastasso teamed up with YouTube-famous prank team Jeana and Jesse from PrankvsPrank and make-up artist Lex of MadeYewLook to complete the look he'd need.

Lex painted the man's entire body a brassy camoflauge, to resemble the other statues in the park.

Then, Jeana and Jesse outfitted him in an earpiece to help him coordinate when potential victims were coming his way.

Santonastasso perched himself on a pedestal and "when curious marks approach to look at the statue and read the plaque, he scares them," the description read.

"Excuse me," he can be heard saying in the video to two girls, who let out a bloodcurling scream as they were walking by.

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He asked one man who stood beside him checking his phone, "I think my earpiece is falling out. Want to push that in a little bit?"

"Can I get some of that?" the human statue asked a man who was eating a pizza.

As an elderly woman walks by in a cane, he even tells her, "I've been here 300 years!"

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